Don't Hush Monthlies

Hello, my name is Meghana Murthy, and I'd want to explain to you why the hashtag #donthushmonthlies was developed.
In 2017, I began working on menstruation-related projects. I've tried a variety of approaches and experimented with a mixture of disciplines to shed light on this topic and shatter the taboo.
I worked with over 1,00,000 women and girls from both urban and rural areas of cities!

We also hold workshops for transgender males who bleed, the majority of whom are unaware of their condition. I've tried and conducted numerous experiments on this and from my entire journey of reaching people in various ways, from working with tribe women and medical students to speaking about it in closed rooms to public parks - as an individual and with a team, I've tried and conducted multiple experiments on this and from my entire journey of reaching people in different ways.
What we have discovered is, if individuals of all genders come together to support the effort our cause will hold tremendous significance and our objective will be fulfilled!
We've always worked offline, but tough times need smarter measures, right? We need to get together online to support this campaign. This might be viewed as a fantastic opportunity to display one's skill while also showing support. So develop material to give this cause a stronger impact.To be one among us, support the campaign by expressing your ideas and creating content that spreads the word that IT IS OKAY TO TALK ABOUT PERIODS. It's Natural. Tag both Men and women, ask them to do the same & don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag - #donthushmonthlies

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF WE WORK TOGETHER! Be part of our campaign!@smitam_org

Meghana Murthy