History of the ‘hushed’

Were periods different historically compared to how they are today? How did people deal with period blood?

If you’ve ever wondered about questions like these, its certainly possible that women had fewer periods and lighter bleeding , just because their diet was not as good as it is now. But weirdly, the expectation was that they would bleed heavily and regularly, and if they didn’t, then remedies needed to be used to ‘ bring out the blood’

For much of the past , we don’t know, if their families could afford menstrual products. In later historical periods we know that rags were put between the legs and washed and dried for reuse.

What are the common myths about historical periods?

Biggest myths about ancient periods are ‘ancient tampons’ myth, ancient people wrapped wool round a bit of wood and inserted that, ouch.

Do you think it would be efficient to use those periods products today?

Practically, reusable pads are an amazing idea, but require a different attitude to menstrual blood. Seeing it as somehow ‘waste’ and needing to be hidden and disposed of ‘ hygienically’ doesn’t go with the idea of washing your pads and hanging them up to dry.

PERIODS arent gross , PERIOD. #donthushmonthlies

Deepthi Muralidhara